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Kaba E-Plex Locks

These locks offer stand-alone, battery-powered, and simple push-button access. Either one code for everyone or individual codes for each person. Depending on the model of lock, 100 individual codes to 3,000 individual codes are available. Advanced models have card access or fob access available, along with schedules and audits. Models are made for mortise style, cylindrical style, or narrow line style.

These locks are great for office tenants who need access to multiple floors or common areas. They’re also ideal for controlling access to washrooms, server rooms, storage rooms and more.

Residential Application

Parry Bros. Lock and Safe Inc. has a keyless deadlock for residential use. These are great for the kids – NO more keys to carry, lose, hide or forget. Sturdy construction and features the flexibility to add, delete or change user codes. These are ideal for entry doors, garage doors, home offices, storage rooms and more. To learn more, please give us a call.

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