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Various kinds of safes


Home Safes

Parry Bros. Lock and Safe Inc. recommends a composite fire/cash safe for home use. This safe will keep your documents and valuables secure. We highly recommend an electronic comb, so you can access your safe quickly and easily – just like dialing a phone. Floor and wall safes are also available for home use.

Floor Safes

These safes are designed to be cemented into the floor. There are many sizes available. Tip: if your house is under construction, install a floor safe before the basement floor is poured.

Cash Safes

Cash safes are designed to hold CASH only and are of metal construction. They come in a variety of sizes and cash classifications for business use.

Data Safes

These safes protect your computer media, negatives and films by utilizing 2 layers of protection. Data safes will protect your media from water and humidity.

Deposit Safes

We offer rotary hopper, front-loading and dual-compartment deposit safes.

Wall Safes

Designed to be installed into your existing walls, these safes offer great access but are limited by depth restriction.

Under Counter Safes

These safes are designed to “skip” tills for day use and control cash amount in cash tills.

File Cabinets

2 drawer, 3 drawer or 4 drawer available with standard key lock or combination lock.


We also offer cash drawers, key cabinets, key control cabinets and key boxes.

If you would like more information regarding safes, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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