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Parry Bros. Lock and Safe Inc. is a certified Mul-T-Lock Service Centre, by Mul-T-Lock Canada Inc. Mul-T-Lock provides maximum security for commercial and residential needs.

Mul-T-Lock keys can only be duplicated by an authorized signature, so each key is accountable to you. You know where all your keys are, no unauthorized duplicates.

A Mul-T-Lock system can be as simple as one cylinder for your storefront door or multiple cylinders master keyed for a warehouse or building.

Mul-T-Lock specializes in maximum security, and has developed a full line of Mul-T-Lock locks, padlocks and specialty hardware.

3-in-1 System

This system builds in 2 rekeys in each cylinder. With a turn of a key, the Mul-T-Lock 3-in-1 system rekeys itself. The 3-in-1 system has three keys: green, yellow and red. You start with the green key. When you wish to rekey your 3-in-1, you insert your yellow key, and with a simple turn of the yellow key, you have rekeyed the 3-in-1 cylinder. The green key will no longer operate; the yellow now works. The 3-in-1 cylinder can be rekeyed for the third time with the red key. The 3-in-1 system pays for itself and will work for both residential and commercial applications.

Hercular Deadlock

This is a Grade 1 maximum security deadlock that is recommended for business or home use. The Hercular deadlock is available in singular cylinder, double cylinder and captive key.

Specialty Locks

Mul-T-Lock also has a wide selection of European cylinders, special padlocks, switch locks, cam locks and desk locks.

If you’d like to learn more about our services, please give us a call today.

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